Turkish Pastry Catal

One of the things that Turkish women love most is to come together in the afternoons to chat with delicious snacks. Such meetings are called Bu Days Bu. It means Turkish teatime. Catal (pronounced Chathal) is an indispensable element of the menu served in such meetings. It has its own taste. The most important factor Read more about Turkish Pastry Catal[…]

Rose Jam

Jam is one of the indispensable of Turkish traditional breakfast. The jams are so varied that we can see each type of eggplant, watermelon, tomato on our table. But there are classic tastes that you will feel the absence of, you can not get enough to eat, even without it you do not want to Read more about Rose Jam[…]

Turkish Kumru – Grilled Cheese&Sausage Sandwich

For us, Turkey’s best sandwich is Turkish Kumru. Kumru means the dove if it is translated into English. It takes this name from the special shape of bread. I’m going to share a recipe for the bread that’s not easy to make. It is a very, very tasty bread made with chickpea yeast and molasses. Read more about Turkish Kumru – Grilled Cheese&Sausage Sandwich[…]

Cornmeal with Cheese (Kuymak-Muhlama)

Cornmeal with cheese, is a delicious brakfast meal in Turkey. Although there are many controversies about his name, his name is a recipe that can never be overcome by taste. This recipe also known by its name is a great taste from the Black Sea region to Turkish cuisine. It is said that there is Read more about Cornmeal with Cheese (Kuymak-Muhlama)[…]

Water Borek (Su Böreği)

Water borek, Turkey is one of the unique boreks. Almost every corner of Anatolian lands has its own recipe for borek. This borek is one of the most traditional and unique recipes. In fact, it is very difficult and demanding to make this borek at home. Traditional recipes are not easy to implement in accordance Read more about Water Borek (Su Böreği)[…]

Turkish Savory Pastry (Pogaca)

Turkish savory pastry is the first product that comes to mind when you think of quick and hearty breakfast in Turkey. There are 4-5 different types of recipe. Some are as soft, like a cloud form as the current recipe; some are thin and folded like mille-feuille dough. This is a recipe made by my Read more about Turkish Savory Pastry (Pogaca)[…]

Fig Jam (Incir reçeli)

Fig jam, as the name suggests, is made from Fig. The homeland of figs are today forming the Anatolia Turkey. From Anatolia to Central Asia and all over the world, though, today is the world’s largest producer of figs Turkey. In almost all cultures, it is the symbol of abundance and fertility. According to Greek Read more about Fig Jam (Incir reçeli)[…]

Fried Dough (Pişi)

Fried Dough is one of the most important and unique flavors of Turkish cuisine. Especially the children’s favorite breakfast. It is mostly eaten at breakfast, but it is so popular that it can be eaten every morning. Since the recipe is also quite simple, it is eaten at least once a week in every house. Read more about Fried Dough (Pişi)[…]

Zucchini Patties (Kabak Mucver)

Zucchini Patties is a vegetable meal. There is no met inside and we think there is no need to meat. Actually is quite simple to do, but sometimes it is difficult to keep its consistency. The reason for this is that it leaves a lot of zucchini juice, if not more juicy fried on recovery Read more about Zucchini Patties (Kabak Mucver)[…]

Chiborek (Fried borek made with ground meat)

Chi borek / pastry is a food based on Tartars, one of the turkish societies whose roots are living in Russia. Tartars are living in Eskisehir province and around. Consequently this borek known as belong to Eskisehir. It’s very delicious food and usually eaten at lunch or breakfast. Here are the ingredients; For Dough 3 cups Flour Read more about Chiborek (Fried borek made with ground meat)[…]