Artichoke Pilaf

We had shared a wonderful artichoke recipe with you before, Stuffed Artichoke. He also described as mentioned, artichokes speaking of Turkey’s Aegean region comes to mind. It is one of the most frequently used vegetables especially in and around İzmir. The Aegean Region is located just across Greece and the culinary cultures are very similar. Read more about Artichoke Pilaf[…]

Stuffed Artichokes (Enginar Dolması)

Stuffed artichoke is one of Turkey’s most characteristic flavor. Especially on the Aegean coast, this meal may look a bit delicate but I can say that it is a meal you will enjoy while you are at home. First of all there are those who go to the cleaning of the feathers in artichokes, I Read more about Stuffed Artichokes (Enginar Dolması)[…]