Water Borek (Su Böreği)

Water borek, Turkey is one of the unique boreks. Almost every corner of Anatolian lands has its own recipe for borek. This borek is one of the most traditional and unique recipes. In fact, it is very difficult and demanding to make this borek at home. Traditional recipes are not easy to implement in accordance Read more about Water Borek (Su Böreği)[…]

Chiborek (Fried borek made with ground meat)

Chi borek / pastry is a food based on Tartars, one of the turkish societies whose roots are living in Russia. Tartars are living in Eskisehir province and around. Consequently this borek known as belong to Eskisehir. It’s very delicious food and usually eaten at lunch or breakfast. Here are the ingredients; For Dough 3 cups Flour Read more about Chiborek (Fried borek made with ground meat)[…]