Artichoke Pilaf

We had shared a wonderful artichoke recipe with you before, Stuffed Artichoke. He also described as mentioned, artichokes speaking of Turkey’s Aegean region comes to mind. It is one of the most frequently used vegetables especially in and around İzmir. The Aegean Region is located just across Greece and the culinary cultures are very similar. Read more about Artichoke Pilaf[…]

Meat Stew

Meat stew recipe is very tasty when done well. It is a perfect combination of well cooked rice pilaf and Tzatziki. This combination is an excellent dinner. But if you give the same meat and other ingredients to two people, someone’s meat different flavors will be. You can prepare a meat Stew recipe that is Read more about Meat Stew[…]

Riven Belly (Karniyarik)

Riven belly (Karnıyarık) is one of the most interesting Turkish meal. It consists of an eggplant stuffed with onions, garlic, tomatoes and minced meat. Another variant is Imam Bayildi which does not include meat, and served cold. But Imam Bayildi recipe will added in the near future. We will share the meaty recipe today. Ingredients; Read more about Riven Belly (Karniyarik)[…]