Islim Kebab (Kebab with Meat and Eggplant)

Turkey is a paradise of kebab. Almost every city has its own recipe for kebab. However, one of the richest culinary cultures of the country is the province of Gaziantep. Islim kebab is one of the elements that enrich the culinary culture of this city. Although it may seem a bit hard to find, the Read more about Islim Kebab (Kebab with Meat and Eggplant)[…]

Stuffed Eggplant with Vegetables (Imam Bayildi)

Stuffed Eggplant with Vegetables, as known as Imam Bayildi in Turkish, before we share the recipe of Riven Belly eaten cold meals, meatless, is a vegan version. This is the amount of onions used in the most frightening side of the dish. However, all onions and garlic are not caramelized because they do not smell. Read more about Stuffed Eggplant with Vegetables (Imam Bayildi)[…]

Eggplant Kebab (Patlıcan Kebabı)

Eggplant kebab is one of the most important kebabs of Gaziantep city. As we mentioned in the description of this Yuvarlama, Gaziantep and its surroundings, is Turkey’s rich culinary culture. One of the most important characteristics of this kebab is that it is made with a fat lamb. You cannot catch the same flavor with Read more about Eggplant Kebab (Patlıcan Kebabı)[…]

Riven Belly (Karniyarik)

Riven belly (Karnıyarık) is one of the most interesting Turkish meal. It consists of an eggplant stuffed with onions, garlic, tomatoes and minced meat. Another variant is Imam Bayildi which does not include meat, and served cold. But Imam Bayildi recipe will added in the near future. We will share the meaty recipe today. Ingredients; Read more about Riven Belly (Karniyarik)[…]

Mutabbal – Roasted Eggplant with yogurt (Mütebbel)

Mutabbal is a appetizer in Hatay cuisine. Hatay cuisine is the most various cuisine culture in Turkey. It is the common point of Jewish, Muslim and Christian culinary cultures. This recipe is mostly known as the Lebanon cuisine but actually it belong to arab-alaouite culture who is living in Hatay province. Let’s cook and taste this Read more about Mutabbal – Roasted Eggplant with yogurt (Mütebbel)[…]