Meat Stew

Meat stew recipe is very tasty when done well. It is a perfect combination of well cooked rice pilaf and Tzatziki. This combination is an excellent dinner. But if you give the same meat and other ingredients to two people, someone’s meat different flavors will be. You can prepare a meat Stew recipe that is Read more about Meat Stew[…]

Stuffed Eggplant with Vegetables (Imam Bayildi)

Stuffed Eggplant with Vegetables, as known as Imam Bayildi in Turkish, before we share the recipe of Riven Belly eaten cold meals, meatless, is a vegan version. This is the amount of onions used in the most frightening side of the dish. However, all onions and garlic are not caramelized because they do not smell. Read more about Stuffed Eggplant with Vegetables (Imam Bayildi)[…]

Turkish Meatball (Kofte)

When you visit Turkey, you could see every city has a meatball recipe. Turkey is a meatball paradise. This is my mom’s recipe… Ingredients: 500 gr. Minced Meat 1 Grated Onion 3 Slice Bread Crumbs 1 Table spoon Grape Molasses (or Worchestershire Sauce) Salt & Pepper Cumin Carbonate Paprika And here is the how too Read more about Turkish Meatball (Kofte)[…]

Menemen (Scrambled eggs with tomato souce)

Menemen is the one of the most eaten food in Turkey. It’s very easy too cook and very delicious. Let’s cook; Ingredients: 2 Eggs 1 Tomatoes 1 Onion 1 Green Pepper 1 Spoon Olive oil Here we go; First of all, grate tomato and chop onion and pepper. Roast onion and peppers. Add grated tomatoes Read more about Menemen (Scrambled eggs with tomato souce)[…]