Leek with Olive Oil (Zeytinyağlı Pırasa)

Vegetable dishes made with olive oil are at the top of Turkish cuisine. These dishes are sometimes served as main meals and sometimes as an appetizer prior to main dishes made with meat. Leek dinner is one of the most known and made dishes among these olive oil appetizers. The first vegetable that belongs to Read more about Leek with Olive Oil (Zeytinyağlı Pırasa)[…]

Lentil Soup (Ezogelin)

Specific to Turkish cuisine, with flavors of Anatolia’s indispensable, we are here for thousands of years with a soup recipe. Regardless of the main dish you choose from recipes, you will have a menu that is compatible with it. Ezogelin soup recipe; It is a very fertile soup. It is nutritious, delicious, practical. In addition Read more about Lentil Soup (Ezogelin)[…]

Artichoke Pilaf

We had shared a wonderful artichoke recipe with you before, Stuffed Artichoke. He also described as mentioned, artichokes speaking of Turkey’s Aegean region comes to mind. It is one of the most frequently used vegetables especially in and around İzmir. The Aegean Region is located just across Greece and the culinary cultures are very similar. Read more about Artichoke Pilaf[…]

Lady Thigh Meatballs (Kadinbudu Kofte)

Lady thigh(Kadınbudu) Meatballs, is one of Turkey’s unique meatloaf recipes. We had shared the recipe for my family’s meatballs and the Izmir meatball recipe. This time we are with this very delicious dumplings, which are very different from the other recipes. Due to the fact that it is covered with eggs and contains rice, you Read more about Lady Thigh Meatballs (Kadinbudu Kofte)[…]

Pilaf with Anchovy

Pilaf with Anchovy, is indicative of the culture of a separate kitchen every corner of Turkey. Black Sea is a full anchovy paradise. The most delicious anchovies in the world live in this sea. Black Sea cuisine is mostly based on this fish since there is abundance of anchovies on the shores of the Black Read more about Pilaf with Anchovy[…]

Stuffed Artichokes (Enginar Dolması)

Stuffed artichoke is one of Turkey’s most characteristic flavor. Especially on the Aegean coast, this meal may look a bit delicate but I can say that it is a meal you will enjoy while you are at home. First of all there are those who go to the cleaning of the feathers in artichokes, I Read more about Stuffed Artichokes (Enginar Dolması)[…]

Ashura – Noah’s Pudding (Asure)

Ashura is a traditional dessert, which made every year in the month of Muharram in Turkey, as in other Muslim countries. Ashura, when no provisions in the Noah’s ark, the belief that with little material remaining at the bottom of the bags is common. This is why it is also called the Noah’s pudding. Whatever Read more about Ashura – Noah’s Pudding (Asure)[…]

Stuffed Vine Leaves (Yaprak sarma)

The stuffed vineleaves, stuffed with rice cooked made by an interior mortar of vine leaves, is one of the first dishes that come to mind when you think of Turkey. Cooked in almost every home, every eater loves, it is difficult to do, but it is a very enjoyable, delicious food. There are meaty and Read more about Stuffed Vine Leaves (Yaprak sarma)[…]

Turkish Yogurt Soup (Yayla soup)

Hello, today our first recipes is a soup, yogurt soup. Cooking this soup very easy but you have to be careful to avoid deterioration of yogurt. Try to make this delicious soup and enjoy the taste of Turkey. Here are the ingredients; 2 Liters of Broth 150 Grams of Rice (Bold) 20 Grams of Flour Read more about Turkish Yogurt Soup (Yayla soup)[…]