Turkish Kumru – Grilled Cheese&Sausage Sandwich

For us, Turkey’s best sandwich is Turkish Kumru. Kumru means the dove if it is translated into English. It takes this name from the special shape of bread. I’m going to share a recipe for the bread that’s not easy to make. It is a very, very tasty bread made with chickpea yeast and molasses. Read more about Turkish Kumru – Grilled Cheese&Sausage Sandwich[…]

Smyrna Meatballs (Izmir Kofte)

Smyrna meatballs, takes its name from the city of Izmir(Smyrna) in Turkey’s Aegean region. But this recipe is spread across the country. you can eat this meal in the restaurants in almost every city. As I mentioned earlier, while the meatball recipe in our family, every corner of Turkey is famous meatball with a different Read more about Smyrna Meatballs (Izmir Kofte)[…]