Chicken Broth Soup (Tavuk Suyu Çorbası)

The most useful of soups is undoubtedly seasoned chicken broth soup in Turkey. This soup, which strengthens the immune system against every disease, is mostly consumed during the cold periods. However, consuming this soup before the sick times will strengthen your immune system, minimizing your risk of becoming ill. Seasoned chicken broth is as delicious Read more about Chicken Broth Soup (Tavuk Suyu Çorbası)[…]

Turkish Yuvarlama Soup

Turkish yuvarlama soup is common in and around Gaziantep province. Gaziantep is one of Turkey’s southeast city is capital of the country with its own peculiar flavor tastes like. This is one of the most famous delicacies of this city. When you drink this troublesome soup, it will be worth the effort. Ingredients for tiny Read more about Turkish Yuvarlama Soup[…]

Cold Yogurt Soup (Ayran aşı)

Cold yogurt soup made almost every part of Turkey, but the recipe is belong to Igdır province and around. It usually drink in the summer. It is refreshing as it is served cold. It takes quite some time to make, but it’s pretty easy. If you boil the ingredients in advance and store them in Read more about Cold Yogurt Soup (Ayran aşı)[…]

Turkish Yogurt Soup (Yayla soup)

Hello, today our first recipes is a soup, yogurt soup. Cooking this soup very easy but you have to be careful to avoid deterioration of yogurt. Try to make this delicious soup and enjoy the taste of Turkey. Here are the ingredients; 2 Liters of Broth 150 Grams of Rice (Bold) 20 Grams of Flour Read more about Turkish Yogurt Soup (Yayla soup)[…]

Red Lentil Soup (Mercimek Soup)

Turkey’s most common soup is lentil soup. Because of that, every family has own lentil soup recipe. As a result of this, This is our family’s traditional recipe. So, we hope you enjoy the taste of this soup. Here we go with the ingredients; 200 gr. Red Lentil 1 Onion 1 Sweet Red Pepper 1/2 Read more about Red Lentil Soup (Mercimek Soup)[…]