Stuffed Peppers with Olive Oil

Stuffed peppers with Olive Oil, we give meaty version recipe previously, it is one of Turkey’s most delicious food. You should try the meatless, vegan version that is mostly eaten at lunch or as an appetizer. One of the things you should pay most attention to in this very simple meal is that the oil Read more about Stuffed Peppers with Olive Oil[…]

Turkish Savory Pastry (Pogaca)

Turkish savory pastry is the first product that comes to mind when you think of quick and hearty breakfast in Turkey. There are 4-5 different types of recipe. Some are as soft, like a cloud form as the current recipe; some are thin and folded like mille-feuille dough. This is a recipe made by my Read more about Turkish Savory Pastry (Pogaca)[…]

Boza (Fermented Millet Drink)

Boza is an acidulated fermented drink of the Turkey, made from millet seed and various astringent substances; also, an intoxicating beverage made from hemp seed, darnel meal, and water. But this recipe is the industrial one. The homemade recipe is a bit different. You should try this very tasty drink with the materials you can easily Read more about Boza (Fermented Millet Drink)[…]

Stuffed Eggplant with Vegetables (Imam Bayildi)

Stuffed Eggplant with Vegetables, as known as Imam Bayildi in Turkish, before we share the recipe of Riven Belly eaten cold meals, meatless, is a vegan version. This is the amount of onions used in the most frightening side of the dish. However, all onions and garlic are not caramelized because they do not smell. Read more about Stuffed Eggplant with Vegetables (Imam Bayildi)[…]

Cold Yogurt Soup (Ayran aşı)

Cold yogurt soup made almost every part of Turkey, but the recipe is belong to Igdır province and around. It usually drink in the summer. It is refreshing as it is served cold. It takes quite some time to make, but it’s pretty easy. If you boil the ingredients in advance and store them in Read more about Cold Yogurt Soup (Ayran aşı)[…]

Pumpkin Dessert (Kabak Tatlısı)

The making of Turkey’s one of the unique sweet pumpkin dessert is quite simple. It’s sweet, nourishing qualities especially consumed in the winter months. Tahini and walnut are used not only for decoration but also for enhancing the taste.  1 kg Pumpkin 1, 5 cup of Sugar Tahini Walnut Here are the how to cook Read more about Pumpkin Dessert (Kabak Tatlısı)[…]

Bulgur Salad (Kısır)

Bulgur salad is a meal eaten in almost every Turkish house. Housewives living in Turkey comes at the beginning of the refreshments served when he went to their house to chat to each other. It’s an easy meal to prepare. But at the same time it is extraordinary delicious. 6 Glass Bulgur 5 cup Hot Read more about Bulgur Salad (Kısır)[…]